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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits and Key Features


Easily access your account across all your devices—desktop, mobile and tablet


Complete all banking services safely and securely


Registration is easy, and the entire platform is intuitive for stress-free management of your account

Registration Steps

To register for online banking, you will need the following:


Social Security Number


Account Number


Customer Number


Cell Phone

  STEP 1
  STEP 2

Select “Register”

  STEP 3

Enter your Social Security Number, account/loan number*, and customer/CIF number.*

*You can find these numbers in your closing packet.

  STEP 4

Verify your identity via phone. Select either a text message or phone call. This will be the phone number used in the application process.

  STEP 5

Enter the confirmation code received, this may take a few moments.

  STEP 6

Set up your user ID and password.

  STEP 7

Click “Register.” Your account registration will then be complete.

Once these steps have been completed, log in using the username and password you created to view your account.

You'll be prompted to set up your secret security questions the first time you log in, this will help verify your identity and reset your password in the event you forget it.

Did you enroll in the PAID automatic payment program for your loan? If so, Rural 1st will handle setting up your Automatic Payments, you do not need to schedule these through Online Banking.

Need help? If you have questions or trouble registering, contact our Online Banking help line at 855-353-2854 or!

Video Tutorials

Watch these tutorials to learn about the new online banking platform’s features.

Interactive Video Player

Online Banking

This series is an overview of the online banking experience, how to make an extra payment and the security features in our platform.

Interactive Video Player

Mobile Banking

Secure access to your account information is now available through our mobile app. Watch our series to learn about the features available at your fingertips.

New user registration video tutorial

New User Registration

New users can watch this short video to view the steps to enroll in our online banking platform.

Interactive Video Player


Simpler. More secure. More convenient. Learn how to enroll today, and discover all the advantages of eStatements.

Online Banking Click-Through Demo

Online Banking Click-Through Demo

This interactive module will allow you to explore the online banking experience and many of the features it includes, without an account. Simply click through the module and explore the menu options.

Mobile Banking Click-Through Demo

Mobile Banking Click-Through Demo

This interactive module will allow you to explore the mobile application of our online banking experience and many of the features it includes, without an account. Simply click through the module and explore the menu options.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is my username and password?

    Each online banking user sets their own username and password.

    If you’ve forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password link to reset it.

    Is there a mobile app?

    Yes, check your mobile device’s app store for our Rural 1st app!

    Does the mobile app use Mobile Log in Options such as Fingerprint and Facial Recognition?

    Yes! Once logged into the Mobile App, from the mobile menu select Settings, and then select Authorized Device Enrollment.

    Which internet browsers are supported by the online banking system?

    All major internet browsers are supported. Select the “supported browsers” link on the home screen for the latest list.

    Please note, a PDF viewer will be needed to view statements, bills, and drafts.

    How do I enroll in Online Banking?

    From our homepage, click the Online Banking Login button or open the mobile app. Select the Register link to begin. You will need your Social Security Number (or EIN), Loan or Account Number, and your Customer Number (CIF). These can be found in your closing packet or account statement. You will also need access to the phone number you provided for your loan application to verify your identity. For help with the registration process, check out the resources above.

    Is my information in Online Banking secure?

    Our system follows high industry standards of protection using dual authentication, so the first time you access your account online, you will be prompted to initiate an 8-digit verification PIN request through a text message or phone call. The phone number used for verification will be a phone number you provided for your loan application. Once logged in, you will be prompted to set up security questions to further protect your account.

    Why is the system asking me to verify my identity again?

    Online Banking will prompt you for the PIN verification and/or a security question anytime you use a new computer, new phone, new wifi, VPN or a public device to login to your account. This is an added security measure to help protect your account and verify your identity.

    I signed up for the automatic payments (PAID) program, do I need to set up my automatic bill payments in Online Banking?

    No. If you signed up for automatic payments (PAID), we will handle scheduling your automatic bill payment. Please contact our Customer Care team at 1-855-353-2854 if you are unsure if you have signed up to avoid an accidental duplicate payment.

    Can I sign up for Paperless Statements?

    Yes! Once logged into the Online Banking system, select the Settings menu by clicking on your name in the upper right corner (or from the Mobile Menu if using the Mobile App), then Paperless Preferences. Check the box next to Turn Off Paper Statement and Turn Off Paper Bill. Select the Submit button to confirm your choice.

    I have a Rural 1st Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and/or Farm Cash Management Account, can I transfer money to an external bank account?

    Yes! To transfer money to or from another account, please set up an external bank account. For more information on how to add an external account, please refer to our other FAQs.

    Can I make a payment on my loan in Online Banking?

    Yes! To make a payment on your loan, add an external bank account. The initial account setup utilizes micro deposits to validate ownership of the account. Depending on the time of the request, this could take 1-3 business days to finish the setup.

    How do I add an external account?

    To add an external account, log into Online Banking and select Transfers, then Transfer Accounts. Select Add Account then My Account at Another Financial Institution and enter your bank information and select Add Account.

    Next, you will verify your account , where two small transactions will be deposited and withdrawn to the account you added. This process could take 1-3 business days. Once the deposits are received in your external account, return to Online Banking, go to Transfers and External Accounts, and click the Vlink. Enter the two amounts that were sent to your external account to complete the process.

    How do I pay my bill in Online Banking?

    There are two ways within Online Banking to pay:

    1. You can use the Make a Transfer tool to schedule or make an individual payment; or
    2. You can use the PayNow feature to pay any and all bills currently due in one single transaction. Please note, if you signed up for PAID, we’ll set these transactions up for you.
    What is PayNow?

    PayNow allows you to pay all amounts for all bills due in one quick action. You must have an external account linked to your online banking account and a loan that is currently in billing for the PayNow feature to open. You will be prompted if those requirements are not met.

    Have you already signed up for automatic payments? If so,  you do not need to re-register through PayNow.

    NOTE: You may need to enable pop-ups for this website if your web browser blocks them.

    Can I Export Transactions to Quicken or QuickBooks?

    Yes! To select transactions for export, click Accounts, then Quicken / QuickBooks Download. Select the account and date range and then select the desired download type, Quicken or QuickBooks.

    Can I use the mobile app to make mobile deposits towards my loan?

    Yes, you can make a deposit towards the principal payment on your loan; this would include insurance proceed checks. Contact 855-353-2854 to enable this feature.

    How do I view Account and Transaction Details?

    The Accounts Summary screen displays a summary of all your loans, right from the home screen.

    To view account details, select the Account Name from the home screen. A view of your Account Details and recent loan transactions will be visible. When a payment is past due, it is displayed in bold red type.

    Select More Search Options for additional filter and print options available.

    Statements and bills can be viewed by selecting an account from the Account Summary screen and then selecting the Statements link.

    How do I View Copies of Paid Drafts?

    Select your account from the Account Summary screen, expand the transaction in the Account Activity section and then click the View Check link.

    What if I need help?

    Our Online Banking tool has an in-app help guidance feature. Look for Help links throughout Online Banking for helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

    If you still need assistance, please contact, or call 1-855-353-2854 (8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday).