Simple, Smart Banking
Has Arrived

Introducing the new online banking platform from Rural 1st. It’s stress-free banking, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Benefits and Key Features


Easily access your account across all your devices—desktop, mobile and tablet


Complete all banking services safely and securely


Registration is easy, and the entire platform is more intuitive than ever

Registration Steps

To register for online banking, you will need the following:


Social Security Number


Account Number


Customer Number


Cell Phone

  STEP 1
  STEP 2

Select the “Register” link under the login form

  STEP 3

Enter your Account Number, Social Security Number and Customer Number

  STEP 4

Enter the confirmation code sent to your phone

  STEP 5

Create a username and password, then select “Register”

Once these steps have been completed, you can log in to your new account.

Video Tutorials

Watch these tutorials to learn about the new online banking platform’s features.

Interactive Video Player

Online Banking

This series is an overview of the online banking experience, how to make an extra payment and the security features in our platform.

Interactive Video Player

Mobile Banking

Secure access to your account information is now available through our mobile app. Watch our series to learn about the features available at your fingertips.

New user registration video tutorial

New User Registration

New users can watch this short video to view the steps to enroll in our online banking platform.

Interactive Video Player


Simpler. More secure. More convenient. Learn how to enroll today, and discover all the advantages of eStatements.

Online Banking Click-Through Demo

Online Banking Click-Through Demo

This interactive module will allow you to explore the online banking experience and many of the features it includes, without an account. Simply click through the module and explore the menu options.

Mobile Banking Click-Through Demo

Mobile Banking Click-Through Demo

This interactive module will allow you to explore the mobile application of our online banking experience and many of the features it includes, without an account. Simply click through the module and explore the menu options.

New Mobile Apps

  For iOS   For Android

Frequently Asked Questions

    When will online and mobile banking be upgraded?

    Our online and mobile banking platform was updated on August 31, 2020.

    Will the platform upgrade affect the current system?

    Yes, the system was in a read-only state for about 40-48 hours while the platform underwent upgrades. During that time, we recommended contacting your local office for your ACH transaction needs.

    Why is the online and mobile banking platform changing?

    We are dedicated to providing you with a best-in-class digital experience. The upgraded online banking and mobile banking platform will give you a better user experience, helping you manage your finances more effectively in today's ever-changing world.

    Will my username and password change?

    Your User ID will remain the same but you will need to reset your password.

    Will I need to do anything before or after the change?

    Prior to the change, verify any ACH templates or account information along with your personal contact information/phone numbers. If you need to make changes to your phone number, contact your local office or log into online banking with the updated information. After the upgrade is complete, please ensure your contact information is complete and correct by going to your profile page and providing your current email, telephone and home address.

    Will I need to download a new mobile app?

    Yes. The upgrades to the app will require you to uninstall the old app and install the new and improved mobile app.

    What will change in the new platform?

    Our core digital services will remain the same, but you will see a change in the look and feel of the online and mobile experience. In addition to the overall look and feel changing, our enhanced user experience will include the following additional features:

    • Improved user interface
    • Seamless interaction between mobile and online experiences
    • Enhanced security features
    • Personal financial management tools
    Will my scheduled bill payments still go through?

    Your scheduled bill payments and automatic transfers should remain unaffected by the upgrade. We expect to convert all scheduled transactions that were created in the current online banking system. Future dated transactions will be converted and will process as normal. It is always a good idea to verify payment schedules are intact prior to your next scheduled payment.

    Will my automatic transfers still go through?

    Yes, scheduled transfers will remain the same.

    Which internet browsers are supported by the online banking system?

    All major internet browsers are supported by our online banking system, including the following: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari. A PDF viewer will be needed to view statements, bills, and drafts.

    How to Enroll in Online Banking

    Enrollment takes only a few minutes, and you may begin using your online account right away.

    1. From the Rural 1st homepage, click the "Online Banking Account Access" link, then the Register link to begin.
    2. Enrollment is a multistep process. You must first register, then complete a few security steps as part of your initial login.
    3. To begin, enter your Social Security Number (or EIN), a Loan Number and your Customer Number. Then click SUBMIT.
    4. The next step will ask you to select a phone number that you currently have on file. You can opt for an SMS or text message to send you an eight-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) or a phone call that will speak the eight-digit PIN. After you receive your eight-digit PIN, enter the PIN in the verification box.
    5. After the PIN verification, you will need to create a username and password.  Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive and will need to be re-entered exactly the same way with each future login.  Password requirements are noted on the screen.
    6. If your username and password are accepted, you will be taken back to the login screen. Enter your username and password exactly as you did in the previous screen.
    7. The next step will be to accept the Online Banking User Agreement. Click the check box and “ACCEPT.”
    8. You will then be prompted to pick three security questions. These questions and answers could be used to allow access to your account when you may not be able to get a security PIN. There is a drop-down menu where you can choose different questions, if needed. Once you have a question selected, you can enter the answer to the selected question. The answer is NOT case-sensitive. The answer should be something you can remember.
    9. Once you have confirmed the questions and answers, you will be fully registered and have access to your accounts. Congratulations!
    Logging in for the First Time

    Because our system follows the high industry standards of protection using dual authentication, the first time you access your account online, you will be prompted to initiate a PIN request through a text message or phone call. Enter the eight-digit PIN after receiving it through a text message or phone prompt. The numbers available for SMS or call will be a phone number you have listed under your account. You can update your phone numbers inside the Online Banking application.

    The PIN request may be used from time to time to verify transactions or changes to your Online Banking account. Using a new computer, new phone or public device will prompt you for a PIN verification or a security question.

    How to Add a Bank Account

    To initiate a transfer to make a payment or disbursement in Online Banking, you must have a Home Equity Line, a Farm Cash Management (FCM) account or an external bank account. The initial external account setup utilizes micro deposits to validate ownership of the account. This will require an additional day to finish the setup.

    1. From the Online Banking summary page, select Transfers and External Accounts.
    2. On the External Accounts screen, select Add External Account.
    3. Fill in the Routing Number, Account Number, Account Nickname, and Account Type (checking or savings).
    4. Click SUBMIT.
    5. Once you are back on the External Accounts screen, you will see the account you created with the VERIFY link on the right. Two small ACHs will be deposited and withdrawn to the account you set up. The micro deposits are initiated on the same day you create the account as long as you initiate them before the 5pm EST cutoff time. If not today, they will be sent on the next business day. The deposits should be delivered one business day after they were sent.
    6. When the two amounts hit your external account, you will need to log back in to the Rural 1st Online Banking system, go to Transfers and External Accounts, and click the VERIFY link. You will then be prompted to enter the two amounts that were sent to your external account. These amounts do NOT have to be in any particular order and you do NOT have to enter the decimal point.
    7. Once the amounts are verified, you will have access to this account on the Transfers screen to move money or make payments.
    How to Use Pay Now

    It’s easy to pay your bills online using our Pay Now feature in Online Banking. You must have an external account linked to your online banking account and a loan that is currently in billing for the Pay Now application to open. You will be prompted if those requirements are not met.

    1. Log into the Rural 1st Online Banking system.
    2. Click Accounts and then Pay Now. You will need to enable pop-ups for this website if your web browser blocks them.
    3. Select the accounts you wish to pay and the bank account you wish to use for payment.
    4. Click on Submit and Confirm. You will receive an email confirmation of the transaction.
    5. The Pay Now transactions will be listed as pending in the Account Details tab.
    How to View Account and Transaction Details

    The Accounts Summary screen displays a summary of all your Loans and Farm Cash Management investment accounts. When a payment is past due, it is displayed in bold red type.

    1. To view an account, click on the Account Nickname or select Accounts then Account Activity. A view of your loan transactions will be visible and specific. Account Details will be shown in the right-hand info bubble.
    2. You can customize the transactions visible by selecting More Search Options. There are multiple filter options available to be used to view specific transactions.
    3. You can also print the Account Transactions by selecting More Search Options and then selecting the Printer Friendly icon in the lower middle of the screen. You can download the Account Transactions by selecting the Spreadsheet link below the SEARCH button.
    4. Additional instructions and features can be found in the Help section by clicking on the question-mark icon at the top right of the screen.
    5. Statements and bills can be viewed under Accounts, eStatements tab, located at the top right navigation tabs.
    How to Request Paperless Statements

    Request Online Statements in a few simple steps.

    1. Log into the Rural 1st Online Banking system.
    2. Select the Accounts tab, then eStatements, then eStatements Preferences.
    3. Click the radio button next to Turn Off Paper Statement and Turn Off Paper Bill.
    4. Select SUBMIT to confirm your choice to no longer receive paper bills and statements.
    How to Make a Payment
    1. To make a payment, you can use the Pay Now option under the Accounts tab or the Create/Edit Transfers under the Transfer tab. Pay Now is the fastest and easiest way to make a payment on multiple accounts, right now. If you would like to schedule a fixed payment on a specific day or on a recurring basis, then the Create/Edit Transfers option is what you are looking for.
    2. To pay your Rural 1st account through Pay Now, click Accounts, then the Pay Now tab at the top of the Home Page. All accounts with payments due are automatically selected. If you choose not to pay one or more of the accounts, unselect those accounts. You can add extra principal to this payment to be applied as a special principal payment. For loans with a pre-payment penalty, fees may be charged to the payment.
    3. To use the Create/Edit Transfer function, select the From account that you would like to disburse from. This can be an external account, FCM account, or an operating line with funds available.
    4. Next, select the To account for the account you wish to have funds applied to. This can be any account (internal or external) as long as it is not the same loan in the From drop-down.
    5. Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer. If an amount is shown in the Fixed Payment box, this is the current amount owed or in billing for the account selected in the To Account. You can select to change the payment amount or use the Principal Only or Interest Only options. Principal Only and Interest Only will only be available when no amounts are in billing. Principal Only amounts are applied as a special principal payment.
    6. Select the Scheduling Option.
      1. Current day is only available for transfers that involve a Rural 1st loan in the From account and the To account. 7:30 EST is the cutoff for current-day transfers.
      2. One time is available for internal and external accounts and can be used with tomorrow's date or a different date in the future with the payment types selected above.
      3. Recurring is available for internal or external accounts and is used to schedule a transfer date in the future with a recurring frequency.
    7. Add a description to the transfer for reference purposes only.
    8. Pending transactions will appear on the Transfer Activity tab under Transfers. Pending transactions can be deleted prior to the cutoff time for that transaction type. Pay Now transactions cannot be cancelled and will show as pending on the Account Activity tab under Accounts.
    How to View Copies of Paid Drafts

    You can view draft information on the Account Activity tab.

    1. To view Account Activity, select Accounts and then Account Activity.
    2. Sight drafts are listed in the Account Activity, and a link next to the draft number will be visible. Click on the link to view images of paid drafts. You will need to enable pop-ups for this website if your web browser blocks them.
    3. A PDF of your draft will appear in a new window, showing both the front and back of the draft. Simply close the window when you are finished.
    4. Account Activity will display the last 13 months of history.
    How to Export Transactions for Quicken or QuickBooks

    You can export transaction information for use in Quicken or QuickBooks.

    1. To select transactions for export, click Accounts, then WebConnect.
    2. Select the account you wish to export transactions from.
    3. Enter the starting date and ending date for the transactions you would like to export.
    4. Select Download for Quicken to create a file download to be used in Quicken.
    5. Select Download for QuickBooks to create a file download to be used in QuickBooks.

    Contact your local office at 1-855-800-7976 or call our hotline at 1-855-353-2854 (8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday).