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Recreational Land Loans

Buying your own land for recreational purposes like horseback riding, hunting or fishing doesn’t have to be a dream. Rural 1st has the lending solutions to make it a reality.

We lend on bare land for recreational purposes

At Rural 1st we lend on bare land for recreational purposes with a minimum of 10 acres that includes at least five acres of cleared land or 20 acres of wooded land.

We offer fixed-rate loans on bare land

It’s difficult to find fixed-rate financing for bare land. At Rural 1st we offer the security of a fully fixed-rate loan as well as adjustable rate options to choose from.

Choose the term and down payment options that fit

Our loans are truly amortized with no balloon payments, and you can choose the term and down payment that are right for you.

You can also stretch out the term of your loan over a longer period.

Hunting loan image
We finance bare land for recreational use like horseback riding, hunting and fishing.